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A fireside chat is a small-size online meeting, lasting about 1 -1.5 hours, for 6-8 young and promising professionals and researchers including PhD and master’s level students.

It is an informal chat with a senior person from the world of policy, politics, industry or academia.


By joining, you will hear interesting insights and pick up some practical ideas from the experience of the host in her or his life as a politician, policymaker, academic, entrepreneur, etc. You will meet online some people who are more or less at the same stage of their professional and academic life as you are, and perhaps you want to continue staying in touch with them.

Upcoming Events

  • Critical Thinking and Democracy in Troubled Times
    Critical Thinking and Democracy in Troubled Times
    Fri, 31 May
    Via Zoom - link below.
    31 May 2024, 11:00 – 12:30
    Via Zoom - link below.
    31 May 2024, 11:00 – 12:30
    Via Zoom - link below.
    It is several years now that a strong consensus has been built on two issues of major importance: The “blossoming” of the Web/Internet at the turn of the century did not usher along a “blossoming” of democracy And how to equip today’s youth with not only the required “digital literacy”
Online Discussion

The Day After the German Elections

On 27 September, 5 pm CET, the day after the German elections a top-level panel will investigate what can we expect from the outcome of this major democratic exercise.

Can  post-Merkel Germany strengthen Europe’s strategic position in the world and at the same time overcome at least some of Europe’s internal divisions?

New leadership will have a very difficult task ahead, given escalating geopolitical tensions, existential climate threats and widening sovereignty gap due to digital technologies and its masters.

Can new German political leadership provide impulse and direction for Europe’s foreign policy, defense and security capabilities? Will political leaders prioritize investments in essential assets for Europe’s sovereign future such as digital infrastructures and circular economy? How can new German leadership successfully help steer a European course in the emerging bipolarity of China and the USA?

In this panel

Ryan Heath, panel speaker, POLITICO’ senior Washington political editor, author of Global Translations, POLITICO's global newsletter and podcast and providing the trans-Atlantic bridge;

Shada Islam, panel speaker, an influential Brussels-based commentator on EU affairs in relation to Asia, Africa, Geopolitics, Trade, Migration, Inclusion, Diversity and Women’s Empowerment;

Derk Oldenburg, moderator and panel speaker, former deputy Ambassador of the Netherlands in Berlin and Dutch Deputy Permanent Representative in Brussels and public policy manager and advisor.

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