Digital Enlightenment Forum organises panel debates, and workshops with open participation. In addition fireside chats are organised with limited participation.

A fireside chat is a small-size online meeting, lasting about 1 -1.5 hours, for 6-8 young and promising professionals and researchers including PhD and master’s level students.

It is an informal chat with a senior person from the world of policy, politics, industry or academia.

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Interested to participate in a fireside chat? Contact us via our fireside interest form.

Elections & democracy

27 September, a deep dive, the day after the German elections. Can post-Merkel Germany strengthen Europe’s strategic position in the world and at the same time overcome Europe’s internal divisions?

- Ryan Heath, POLITICO’ senior Washington political editor

- Shada Islam, influential Brussels-based commentator on EU affairs;

- Derk Oldenburg, former Dutch deputy Ambassador in Berlin.

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Democracy and Media

A conference on 9 November 2019 was held on How to fix Democracy for the digital world? Can new digital tools actually help to guarantee democracy and ensure transparency of data use? We zoomed in on ethical, market and policy dilemmas that come with digitisation (e.g. artificial intelligence, Internet of Things). and contributed to the search for ways of democratic governance in the digital era

Strategic autonomy, cyber security & privacy, AI


COVID-19 and Democracy

Digital Enlightenment members are active in many events, studies, projects and fireside chats on themes such as strategic autonomy, cybersecurity, privacy, and AI Some of the recent ones in 2021 can be found here and here (with Digital Humanism) and in the overview of fireside chats.

A workshop on November 8, 2018 on Education and Skills for the New Era addressed the challenge of education and skills provision for the new employment ecosystem. The workshop produced recommendations for EU policy.

Democracy is under constant threat and permanent construction. The coronavirus disease (COVID-19) has been dominating how we all live our lives - and how political leaders are making decisions at the local, national and global level. As the pandemic remains a reality, and with the challenge the democratic principles, we considered it the right time to analyse the situation and draw lessons. A high-level workshop was held on 13 October 2020. Full recording is here.

Latest Events

  • Fireside chat with Michal Boni
    Thu, 04 Nov
    Online event
    04 Nov 2021, 16:00 – 17:30
    Online event
  • Fireside chat with Reinhard Posch
    20 Oct 2021, 15:00 – 16:30
    Privacy and Security - The unexpected Digital Game-Changer of COVID
  • The fluid society
    Wed, 06 Oct
    Fireside chat
    06 Oct 2021, 15:00
    Fireside chat
    The influence of digitalization on people and society has become so gigantic that we are talking about a massive digital change of society. Humanity is therefore moving towards a new phase of her existence. Other governance is required for the fluid society.
  • The day after the German elections
    Mon, 27 Sept
    Online panel
    27 Sept 2021, 17:00 – 18:30 CEST
    Online panel
    What is the impact of the German elections for Germany itself, for the EU and for geopolitics? Can post-Merkel Germany strengthen Europe’s strategic position in the world and at the same time overcome at least some of Europe’s internal divisions?
  • AI Ethics Standards and Regulation for a Trustworthy AI ecosystem
    22 Sept 2021, 15:00
    Fireside chat
    This fireside chat will review current initiatives towards the development of AI governance frameworks, ethics and oversight related standards and regulations, and discuss the role each of these can play within a wider ecosystem of trustworthiness for the use of AI.
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