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Nurturing the digital leaders and thought leadership of tomorrow

We are a passionate community that shares ideas, advice, and initiatives about tech, politics, Europe, and beyond.


Summit on AI and Democratic Sustainability

July 3-5, 2023, Vienna

DEF and Intersticia

A European Brave Conversation

July 20, 2023, London


Statement of DIGHUM on ChatGPT and a possible new online world

Several AI related lectures took place and more are planned

European Internet Forum

The Future of Work towards 2040

July 7, 2023, 10:00 CEST, Online


2nd ACM Digital Humanism Summer School

Sept 4-8, 2023, Vienna


Fireside Chats

More Fireside Chats will be announced soon






Digital enlightenment

We believe that people should enjoy the kind of autonomy and freedom online that they do offline. We believe in the value of human rights, democracy, privacy, transparency and accountability for our society.

We believe that this is best achieved by actively working with the interplay of technology and policy.


By understanding how current and future digital technology can best be used to express our identities in the digital world, taking into account the core values we cherish, we can support the rights of the individual in society.


Nurturing leaders of the future

A new generation of “digital leaders” in academia, industry and government is  urgently needed to successfully address the challenges of this decade.

We set out to create a rich environment in which future leaders can flourish, learn from today's and past digital frontrunners, be enlightened by thoughtful and open debate, and being appreciated for their contribution, while developing thought leadership.  


Person-centric, innovative, high-quality 

We organise in-depth workshops, perform studies,  hold intergenerational fireside chats, and go deep into future leadership in policy retreats.

Our activities are appreciated because they bring together people who enjoy talking to each other, are seriously engaged and care about the digital future, are innovative, and provide a handle on the interplay of policy and technology.