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Prof. Dr. Willem Jonker, Chairman of the Board

Generative AI : opportunities and responsibilities 

Prof. Dr. Willem Jonker, Chairman of the Board
Prof. Dr. Willem Jonker, Chairman of the Board

Time & Location

21 Feb 2024, 16:00 CET

Online Fireside chat

About the Event

Generative AI : opportunities and responsibilities

Generative AI is a next step in the fast developing field of AI. The current state of computing power allows for the training of Large Language Models with large amounts of data, which has recently led to impressive results, such as for example ChatGPT. The resources needed to develop these Large Language Models or Foundation Models makes that currently the development of these models is dominated by non-EU Big Tech. The potential of Generative AI is recognised and at the same time there are challenges in safeguarding responsible use. The fireside chat will discuss the state of the art regarding Generative AI, its applications, and the efforts regarding responsible use.

About the host:

Prof. Dr. Willem Jonker has a broad background in digital technology research, development, innovation, and application, both in industry as well as in academia.

He studied mathematics and computer science at Groningen University, worked at Delft University of Technology, received his PhD from the University of Utrecht, and is a part- time full professor in computer science at Twente University.

Willem Jonker's industrial experience covers telecommunications (KPN), IT (European Computer industry Research Centre, Munich) and consumer electronics (Philips). He held several positions as researcher, international project leader, department head, sector head, and account manager. In 2006 he was appointed Vice President Philips Research.

From 2011 till 2022 he was CEO of EIT Digital, the Digital pan-European innovation eco of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology, with locations all over Europe and head office in Brussels.

Since November 2022 he is Chairman of the Dutch national AI program AiNed.

Prof. Dr. Jonker has served national and European digital research and innovation in various capacities, amongst others as project leader, reviewer and advisor.

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