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3  February 2022 at 17:00 CEST - Online

Good governance for a smart world



Good governance for a smart world

This fireside aims to answer the central question ‘what is good governance for a smart world?’. In order to answer this question, the concepts of good governance and the associated public values are introduced as well as smart cities/world. The answers refer to governance mechanisms, key registries, user-centricity, problem-solution-problem-solution sequence orientation, Interdisciplinary and interoperability. The session is divided into two parts. The relevant concepts and theories are introduced in the first part. Based on a set of provocative propositions, the introduced concepts and theories are intensively discussed and so become more alive in the second part. The session ends with a shared answer to the central question.

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About the host

Prof. Dr. ir. Joep Crompvoets is professor and research manager at KU Leuven Public Governance Institute (Belgium) holding the chair on ‘information management in the public sector’. He has been involved in numerous (inter)national (research) projects across the world related to e-governance, digital transformation in the public sector, data infrastructures and digital twins. His work has been supported by UN Statistics Division, World Bank, European Commission, several (national) scientific research organizations, and numerous national governments around the world. Finally, he wrote more than 400 publications in the fields of (geospatial) information management, public management and e-governance.​

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