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3  February 2022 at 17:00 CEST - Online

Sympathetic Intelligence

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Sympathetic Intelligence

Robert first contemplated the existence of, defined and coined the term Sympathetic Intelligence as a Musician with The Fat Lady Sings playing the sweaty rock and roll venues of London and watching audiences behave collectively as one. Intrigued, Robert began musing as to what it was that enabled audiences to become one collective unit, a phenomenon that he called Epiphanicism. Over the years he drilled down and discovered what he believes is the source that lies behind this phenomenon Sympathetic Intelligence. As an instructor at the State University of Albany, Robert’s successful use of Sympathetic Intelligence came to the attention of the College’s President – Dr. James Stellar, who encouraged Robert to pursue his passion for the concept further. In 2020 Robert set up The Center For Sympathetic Intelligence with colleagues from Albany, and the Center has very rapidly come to the attention of professionals from many other fields beyond Education, not surprisingly including those involved in Artificial Intelligence where it may be able to facilitate a more interdisciplinary approach to the development of more robust AI systems, as has been advocated for by leading members of the AI community such as Gary Marcus and many others.



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About the host

Robert Hamilton, President & Founder, The Center for Sympathetic Intelligence


Robert was a founding member of The Fat Lady Sings a well-known Rock Band out of Dublin, Ireland in the early 90s. After touring the world and enjoying significant success, Robert went on to become a full-time Peace Activist, creating the Peace Together initiative with his friend Alistair McMordie, also a musician with another well-known Irish band – Stiff Little Fingers.  Following his years as a peace activist, Robert went on to study Law at University College Dubin, in Ireland where he obtained a bachelor’s degree in Civil Law. Upon moving to the US, Robert became involved in Education and especially innovative initiatives within Education - he is presently the Director for Mentoring at iQ4, an innovative software company in education. He has co-authored several articles on Education with, Dr. James Stellar and Emily Barrett which articles expound the potential role that Sympathetic Intelligence can play in Education. As a musician Robert continues to record, most recently with the Sween, on two albums; Days Awake and Red Days.

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