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In memoriam Kim Cameron

On behalf of the Board of the Digital Enlightenment Forum, we would like to

express the sadness we feel after receiving the news of Kim Cameron and to

extend our deep sympathy to his dear wife Adele.

Kim was a founding member of our Forum, a member of its first Board, a

strong supporter throughout and a close and dear friend to those of us who

worked closely with him from the start.

In fact, he was the main source of inspiration at the time that the very

name of our organisation was chosen as he had a deep and broad knowledge of

the 18th century Enlightenment and believed that we should safeguard the

cherished ideals it bequeathed us as digital technologies transform our


His famous "Cameron's 7 Laws of Identity" were only one of his many

emblematic contributions to this anthropocentric approach to technology.

We feel privileged to have known him as a brilliant colleague and at the

same time as a dear friend who exuded an ocean of warmth and generosity.

We will cherish his memory that will keep enlightening our minds and warming

our hearts.

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