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Fireside chat with Reinhard Posch

Privacy and Security - The unexpected Digital Game-Changer of COVID

Fireside chat with Reinhard Posch
Fireside chat with Reinhard Posch

Time & Location

20 Oct 2021, 15:00 – 16:30


About the Event

At least in Europe both on a national and on a coordinated European level we had and have ample programs for the digital transformation and at least until the crisis started we had principles to follow. Just to give a few very important ones:

(a) Security – administration is holding many many information about citizen and companies as well as other entities and has to take responsibility that this information is used the way legislation advises.

(b) There is a big difference between public administrations and private companies. People cannot escape the administration and therefore of prime importance is the principle “ADMINSTRATION CAN ONLY PROCESS AND MANIPULATE DATA THE WAY LAWS EXPLICITELY ALLOWS”. In contrary “THE PRIVATE SECTOR CAN PROCESS AND MANIPULATE DATA AS LONG AS NO LAW IS AGAINST”. There is a big gap between these two approaches.

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