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The fluid society

The influence of digitalization on people and society has become so gigantic that we are talking about a massive digital change of society. Humanity is therefore moving towards a new phase of her existence. Other governance is required for the fluid society.

The fluid society
The fluid society

Time & Location

06 Oct 2021, 15:00

Fireside chat

About the Event

Peter Hagedoorn was educated as a physics engineer and has followed a career in which he has worked alternately for the public sector and the business community. 

He has worked for Shell, the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Bull-Netherlands, RAET, Hagemeyer and Océ. He was also the first chairman of the CIO-Platform Nederland, in which capacity he also became Board member of the European CIO Association. Later he was appointed Secretary General of this organization. 

Today he writes columns and books about the digital society.

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